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Hey loves, I’m back!! I haven’t looked at this old blog of mine in a hot minute. (or a year and a half) I’m probably going to start a new blog, but for now, let’s NOT judge this blog creation of mine… after all, i was only thirteen and now I’m almost fifteen and this content is very, very cringey. I mean, it’s fine but I’ve definitely improved a substantial amount. This is just my update so you may now continue to reading some interesting posts from little me. Drop a like at the bottom and comment:) TYSM, -emmalyn

— Emmalyn – Em’s Creative Space – a long time later trying not to hide from embarrassment. (lol)

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– emmalyn

It’s time.

hey loves, it’s emmalyn.

and i am back.

well, actually, i am dropping in here to tell you that this blog is 100% done. some loved it, some absolutely detested it (me, as of right now) but in the end it was a good experience for me to try blogging about bullet journaling which i no longer do, and at the time of writing this blog (early-mid 2019) i had next to no bullet journaling and diy experience. but i am starting a life-style blog, (i think) because tbh i have quite an interesting life outside of the blog you are reading currently. bye bye “Em’s Creative Space” because guess what? i don’t even go by ‘Em’ anymore. (and i never did, my mom and three of my siblings did hahhaahah)




Cutest Key-Chains!

I love key-chains for many reasons. One, they made your stuff easier to find, and they are really fun to make. Note that key-chains can be many different things. Don’t forget to make yours they way you want it!

Here is some key-chain ideas:

Different keychain ideas
Pom-Pom Keyhains!

First you need to start with you base; The clip, or ring.

Then add decorations. Pom-poms, tassels, stamped leather; they ALL are excellent ways to decorate your keychain!

I love making bright, cheerful key-chains to make my things easier to find.

I hope you enjoyed this more “Inspirational” blog post!

Stay Creative! -Em

The Gift of Creativity

I’ve heard that some people just aren’t creative… I have a hard time believing that. Creativity is in almost everything we do. It is the reason we are different from one another, not just by our looks, but by what we do. Our ideas, thoughts, actions, all show off our brand of creativity.

The major reason some believe they aren’t creative, is because someone is creative for them. If you are a gamer, someone created the game themselves for you. If you never try and cook, and always eat out, you will take for granted how much is needed to make the food we eat every single day.

The good news is: you can give creativity! This involves getting to know the person, and knowing what they like. Then you give them experiences of different hands-on activities, like painting, or swimming classes. Trying different things like this can help the person see how much fun it is to be creative.

My favorite creative things to do are art stuff. I like to make different crafts, and do things the way I like them. I try to cut down on my screens in order to enjoy the world around me. I’m setting up my blog with tons of fun creative ideas, to you can be creative too!!!

Bye for now everyone!

Stay Creative!


DIY Pom-Pom Rug

Hello everyone! Today is exciting because we are going to make a fun pom-pom rug! If you need color inspiration, I recommend Pinterest, or you may have your own colors already planned. Let’s go get started with this fun project!

In order to make this cute rug, you will need to decide what size and shape you want. Depending on this you will need different amounts of pom-poms. Before I get any farther, I’ll tell you what you need:

  1. Pom-poms, depending on what size your going for. (have some yarn and pom-pom making stuff handy, just in case you run out!) Keep in mind, in this rug, not all the pom-poms need to be perfect.
you will need many more pom poms than this.

2. Rug Bottom

Rug bottom.

3. Scissors


Step 1.

Feed the two ends of the pom-pom through two of the squares and tie a knot.

Step 2.

Next to the pom-pom you just tied on, tie another pom-pom.

Step 3.

Continue steps 1 & 2 until covering entire rug bottom.

Step 4.

Trim the bottom of the rug.

Don’t forget to use fun colors!!!

I hope you guys had fun making your own pom-pom rugs!!! If you have any questions or comments, be sure and ask me! See you next time, Stay Creative,


Why I Believe Bullet Journaling is Better with a Friend

Greetings everyone! Right now, our topic is why I believe bullet journaling is better with a friend. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably great to do it by yourself, but here’s some reasons why you might want to grab a friend!

When I first wanted to try a bullet journal, I had no thought of doing it with a friend, but as soon as I really got into it, I decided I have plenty of great friends who’d love to give it a try along with me. So, I picked up my phone, and sent a text to my best friend, Miriam. I told her a bit about it, and she decided she thought it was a great idea!

Together, we chatted about different notebooks, how to practice calligraphy, monthly themes, and lots of different ideas. Some ideas- I would have never thought about on my own. Both of us are incredibly creative, but each in our own way. So having a friend can help you find ideas that you didn’t even think about.

As soon as we had all the stuff we needed, we began to journal. Our original plan was to do each theme together, but that didn’t happen. Miriam did cherry-blossoms, and I did a sort of ocean waves theme. Both were different, but both were beautiful in their own way. Since then, we haven’t done the same theme, but we still might try it: just to see what each of us come up with.

Sometimes, we get out our journals, and video call, and show what we are doing, and what we are considering. This can be very helpful, because if we know something won’t work for the other person, we can help them see that maybe they should try and different font, or perhaps make the spread two pages, instead of one. Whatever it is, the other person tends to listen to our opinion, and genuinely take those comments in.

Besides: the more the merrier! Everything’s better with two! Not only do we get stuff done together, but it enhances our friendship, which is important! Have fun with your friends and bullet journal!!!

Stay Creative!


How to make Adorable Pom-Poms

Hey Guys! Em here! Today we are making some DIY pom-poms! I use pom-poms for multiple reasons, for my hand-knitted hats, cute key-chain decorations, and if you make a bunch; pom-pom rugs!!! For whatever reason you are making them, this step-by-step tutorial is sure to help you!

Okay, so the first thing you’re going to need to do is get your materials. You will need:

  1. Yarn (as many colors as you want)
  2. Two toilet paper rolls
  3. Scissors

So, after gathering our materials, will wrap the yarn around both rolls next to each other.

Then, we will tie (loosely)a piece of yarn between the rolls, around the yarn.

After that, we will remove the rolls and you will tie a knot. Then you will see many loops on each side. *make sure middle yarn is tied tight.

Once we have successfully completed the previous steps, we will cut all the loops.

Then, lastly, we will trim pom-pom, and have a cute little pom-pom before us!

Hope you enjoyed How to Make Adorable Pom-Poms with me! See you next time! Stay Creative,


Comment down below if you’d like to see a pom-pom rug post!!!

How to Find the Right Bullet Journal for You

If you are planning to bullet journal, you’re definitely going to need a notebook. There’s many opinions on what works best, but voted #1 is a dotted notebook of some kind. You’re probably thinking: “Um, yeah, there’s tons of dotted notebooks… Not helping.” Don’t worry, there’s many dotted notebooks. You just need to find one that’s right for you.

The biggest thing you need to think about is how many pages are in the notebook, how thick the pages are, the size of the notebook,and the price. Decide what size you want, how thick you want the pages, and decide how much you want to spend, then look for a notebook with all those attributes.

Page thickness is judged by GSM. A thin paper is about 70-80 GSM, and a really thick paper would be about 180 GSM. Think about what pens you’ll be using, then decide what GSM you’ll need. The best size is probably 120-140, that way you there’s still room for plenty of pages, but you also don’t have any bleeding or ghosting.

Colors! Dotted notebooks come in a wide rainbow of colors. Be sure to pick a color you love, that way you’ll never get tired of using it. If you get a boring color, it’s easier to lose, and it’s not as fun to use. Black is a traditional color, so if that’s what you love, then get it. (But right now, I have a cute teal one that I’m excited to use each day!)

Most dotted notebooks have a pocket in the back, but there is much more fun things that you can find in a dotted notebook. Some brands include pens loops. Others have several bookmarks, or a key log in the front, or stickers. (mine came with stickers:) So if you, want, find a notebook with fun accessorizes!!!

Be sure you don’t buy a notebook just because it’s a popular brand. Make sure it meets your standards before buying. One trending brand is called Leuchtturm1917. I don’t recommend this notebook because of the thin pages and the price. I’ve also heard that they fall apart, but that’s never happened to me. You decide. And DO NOT forget to read reviews and do some research!

Bye for now guys! Stay creative!


5 Reasons to Bullet Journal

I’ve been asked many times why I bullet journal. Why not just buy a planner, rather than spend all the time and money? They ask. Yes, I agree, bullet journaling can be expensive. But at the same time, it can be a super cheap way to plan your life the way you want it.

Here’s some reasons why you should bullet journal:

One, it helps me channel my creativity into something useful and enjoyable. I pick my own themes each month, practice each doodle, think about what I have going on and how much planning space I need. If you aren’t artsy, and need it to be as functional as possible, you can leave out a bunch of fun drawings. Or if you want to incorporate cute and functional, perhaps think about stickers and adding pops of color with markers.

Two, it’s a planner, so obviously I stay organized. Staying organized! That’s what bullet journaling is all about! You can put all your: Events, plans, ideas, habits and more all in one dotted notebook! I also use my bullet journal for several types of trackers; like my mood and sleep tracker. Plus you can add things you need personally, like a meal planning spread, or crafting ideas. It’s whatever you need it to be.

Three, It’s all your own. You don’t have to worry about fitting your day into a little box. If you need more, you get more. If you have a TON of stuff that month, make more room to plan. If you are bored with simple spreads, make your own, OR browse online for inspiration. It’s up to you what you want to do!

Reason number four: There are plenty of resources! You don’t have to worry that there’s no people doing it, or that there’s no tutorials. My favorite places to go to find ideas is Pinterest. YouTube also helped a lot right before I started. AmandaRachLee is a fantastic bullet journal YouTube channel, as is Jenny’sJournals, and several others. There’s no limit to bullet journaling!

The fifth reason you should Bullet Journal is that it isn’t that expensive. I know I said a the beginning that I agree that it was costly, but that’s only if you make it that way. The most expensive item will probably be your dotted paged journal, but it’s probably a similar price to your standard planners. You will also need a micron fine liner. These pens are the best bullet journaling black pens you will ever find. These two are probably the most expensive things on the list. For color, I suggest the 50 pack of Crayola Super-Tips. Everyone uses these things, and they aren’t pricey at all! Those items are pretty much the only things you need and the rest is up to you.

Bye Guys! I hope you enjoyed 5 Reason to Bullet Journal!


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